Lost History

Recently, my family and I traveled to my father’s old stomping grounds. It had been 11 years since I had visited. Having lost my father about four years ago, it was also an emotional journey for me. I was constantly looking for buildings along the way that brought back memories of the trips that I had made to Texas with my parents every summer for over 18 years. So many things had changed, and so little of what I saw was familiar to me.

When we got to Hopkins County, I found myself overcome with emotion. How many times had my grandmother told me stories of the old homeplace, where my dad was born, and my ancestors? Even as a kid, those stories were of great interest to me. I loved hearing my grandmother tell them. But, I didn’t have the foresight to write them down. Sadly, I have forgotten so many.

Grandparents, share your stories with your grandchildren. Write them down or use a cellphone or video camera to record your story. Grandchildren, listen and write down the stories that your grandparents and parents tell you. If not, one day all that valuable family history could be lost.