About Our Complex

John O’Loughlin came to Lakin in 1873 and set up a trading post in an abandoned dug-out beside the recently completed Santa Fe Railway. Lakin’s first permanent white settler, John O’Loughlin was a savvy businessman, banker, rancher and farmer. He and his wife Mary (Farrell) O’Loughlin raised seven children and played key roles in the establishment of the community of Lakin.

The museum property was deeded to the Kearny County Historical Society in 1974 by Jennie Rose O’Loughlin, daughter of John and Mary O’Loughlin. The Great White House, former home of Jennie’s brother William and his family, was also donated with the stipulation that it be restored to look as it did in the early 1900s. Visitors who browse throughout the museum will notice many items which have been donated by various members of the O’Loughlin Family.

The museum complex totals over 20,000 square feet of historical displays and includes the main museum building and annex, the White House, Columbia School House, Santa Fe Depot, Round Barn, and a machinery building. Check out the Kearny County Museum Exhibits page for more details about the complex.

In 2006, the Kearny County Historical Society purchased the Texaco Station located in Deerfield. The refurbished tudor revival-style service station is on the National Register of Historic Places and is open to the pubic during special events only. Travelers on Highway 50 can see the structure by taking the Deerfield Main Street exit to Old Highway 50. Turn west and go one block.