Great White House gets gussied up


Oh what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes!! The Great White House on the museum grounds is finally white again! The painters just recently finished this project which is one of many that have been on the to-do list for the oldest house in Lakin. A new roof was added last year, and the year before that work was done on the foundation to prevent future settling and cracks. There are some minor repairs still to come on the historic structure, but the old gal is looking pretty sweet! The White House is over 140 years old and was the home of Alonzo Boylan and his family. Boylan was the first railroad agent for Lakin. In 1916, the house was acquired by the O’Loughlin family and moved from its original location on the railroad right-of-way to Buffalo Street. In 1974, the house and the 1/2 block property it sits on were donated by the O’Loughlins to the Kearny County Historical Society. The pictures here show the finished project as well as what the house looked like prior to her new paint job. Doesn’t she look pretty?